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he's my toy, my 20th century boy
alright so this is just a little piece of my webpage dedicated to the lovely brian molko. why? well, cos i think brian is just swell. and i was bored. this really can't be considered a brian molko page, cos there's not much here. it's just a collection of a few little things that i thought might be of interest to brian/placebo fans. you can read about when i met brian and see the picture, autograph etc. and you can look at some pictures i scanned from an old melody maker issue. see, i told you it wasn't much. but you won't be seeing this stuff on any other webpage, so it's a bit special. i hope you enjoy it. and while you're here, you really should check out my homepage and sign my guestbook. there's a link at the bottom of the page. now i'll shut up and give you what you're here for. enjoy.

i wanna take you home
New York City - December 15, 1998 Melody Maker - December 1997